Wouldn't it be great to find the right provider?

Do you need new web pages for your business or an update to old web pages to this day?
Would you like to save money and do it yourself, but you don’t have enough time or understanding?

In Finland

Did you know?

of companies own web pages
Think it's important to find information about products and services in web pages
of companies uses social media

So why don’t you? The purpose of websites is to provide information about your business to your customers.
It’s good to compare providers and look at the best deals.

However, remember to invest, because properly made homepages will bring the money back multiple times.

The pages should be clear and easy to use – the user needs to find the information they need quickly.

The purpose of the pages is to support the content, lead the client towards the goals and strengthen the corporate image.

Website content should be designed in a customer-oriented way and in the right way for search engines.

The pages must be responsive, ie they must work properly on the tablet, on the phone, and on the computer screen.

Wordpress -package

Pieni Idea provides you with a comprehensive package for your small business needs.
The package is also easily customizable.


  • Main page + 4 menu pages
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Getting started with your home page
  • Email settings and guidance


  • Content production 60,- /h
  • Stock Images
  • IT Support 30,-/30 min
  • Post-Project updates 30,- /30 min
  • Banner videos from 350,- /video
  • Additional pages 75,- /page
  • 360 degree aerial photos /apartment/studio photos
  • Languages (89,- /language)

is not included

  • Domain name
  • Host providing

    estimated cost 60-80,-/year

Pricing starting from 450eur (0%)


Let's build up your web pages together!

You can concentrate your resources on the most important thing, entrepreneurship.
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