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We love our job!

Pieni Idea (Small Idea) begun with Heidi. She thought why try alone when there’s a handful of creative agents around her on a daily basis? She gathered a few more in the wagon, the adventure could start. Many of the adventures already experienced, many ahead that we cannot wait for. Together we ride the wave of ever-changing marketing challenges.

Heidi Uskaure

Graphic Design, Coordination & Marketing

Heidi does a little bit of everything in Pieni Idea. She has learned to understand every creative agent and the requirements needed to accomplish results. She is at her best when combining agents to projects. She is also good at lifestyle-vibey graphic design. Responsible for project coordination and marketing.

Priska Autio

Content Creative Agent

Priska is a Bachelor of Culture and Arts. She has worked miscellaneously on content creation ranging from screenwriting to marketing materials, website texts to expert articles and lifestyle content. Priska’s train of thought is stellar, say a word of your problem and she can fill in the next one.

Kimmo Karinen

Video-Photographer Agent

Kimmo is a multifunctional video-photographer. He has video-photographed everything from advertisements to portraits, events to industry, sports and wedding films. We call him Kimmo the Great, because of his attitude. Light tricks are his specialty, as well as drone flying that requires skill and precision. 

Heta Kettunen

Artwork Agent

Heta loves everything cute and small. She is a professional Senior Game Artist in Nitro Games, Kotka. She has walked with a pen as long as we can remember. She is up for challenges and as she works our jaws drop. She very talented, sometimes we doubt she even knows that herself.

Aldis Strods

Animation & Illustration Agent

Aldis is a Master of Culture and Arts. Previously he has taught arts in schools, and over 8 years now he has focused on animation and video editing. On the spare time he likes to play drums, he used to play in a band, too! Aldis is punctual, illustrative agent and no gig is too small for him.

Vili Petäjämäki

Self-taught Video Agent

Vili is a self-taught video agent that Heidi spotted and demanded to join the ranks. Vili’s skill to capture feelings with lifestyle-vibe is out of this world. He is certainly our rising star and we really believe he will create amazing things in the future.

Katja Kimpimäki

Technical Artwork & Graphic Design

Katja is a Bachelor of Culture and Arts. She has specialized in visualizing information and infographics. She has years of experience in the industry where she worked as a graphic designer designing, for instance, product packages, assembly and installation guides. She has an iron grip when it comes to design!

Pieni Idea

Your low threshold marketing support!
We are driven by learning new things, modern trends and developing ourselves.
What we don't know yet will be learned.

We believe attitude is a game changer, each of us has created our own diverse career for a long time.
We enjoy what we do, which is passed on to our customers as a positive-come-again-vibe! 💕
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